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The NORMACONNECT® exhaust pipe clamp is made in one piece and offers full 360° surface contact and uniform clamping pressure when the clamp 1st tightened even at great temperature variations. There is no deformation of the pipe and the edges of the clamp are rounded to avoid damage to the pipe surface. The compact dimensions of the clamp enable it to be installed in restricted spaces.

The NORMACONNECT® exhaust clamp is available in two versions: M8, M10 and M12.

The M8 version is fitted with a hammer head bolt and hex nut which has an attached washer. The hammer head bolt is attached firmly in the tightening head area and is torsion-proof; this enables the clamp to be installed by tightening the nut using just one tool.

The M10 and M12 version has a larger diameter bolt and is used for larger sizes and, therefore, heavier applications. It is fitted with a hex head bolt and hex nut. There is a loose washer under both the bolt head and the nut.


M8 version

M10 and M12 version

Hammer head bolt/hex nut: Mild steel, yellow chromated.
Clamp: Galvanised steel

Hex head bolt/hut: Mild steel, yellow chromated.
Clamp: Galvanised steel

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