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TORRO® is a thorougly tested multi-purpose hose clip, i.e. every TORRO® features a large diameter range:

Hoses of different diameters (e.g. from 50-70 mm, see table) can be securely connected with a single TORRO® size.

The worm drive of the TORRO® W1 and W2 is equipped with a practical combination screw (hexagonal, slotted and Philips head). The design details of the TORRO® were vigorously developed to meet practical needs.

All the designs feature the following advantages:

1. The patented, asymmetrical housing's support bearing prevents the screw head from tilting out of position when being tightened.

2. The outer edge of the screw support bearing guide deflects the emerging end of the band away from the screw head as the screw is tightened. A pushing off of the socket spanner is prevented; at the same time a form closure is created for the emerging end of the band.

3. The short housing saddle is connected without welding or riveting to the band and does not protrude from the band to damage the hose. The good form closure means that pressure is applied evenly all around the hose.

4. The bands are not slotted. All stainless steel bands are pressed a) and the zinc plated steel band of TORRO'8' S is stamped to produce a smooth inner band surface . b) The rounded, folded-up edges of the clamp band rule out any damage to the outer skin of the hose.

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